Exterior Christmas Lights Cause Neighbor Disputes

Exterior Christmas Lights Cause Neighbor Disputes   

Putting exterior Christmas lights is very common during the holiday season. Some homeowners want to give thanksgiving for the blessings that they receive throughout the year. With this, they set Christmas decorations to feel the spirit of Christmas. Meanwhile, Christmas lights are not for everyone. Some people are getting annoyed with having Christmas lights. With this, UK disputes among the neighbour start because of exterior Christmas lights.

The following are the top reasons why neighbors get misunderstandings about exterior Christmas lights.

  • Too bright lights in private places

When your Christmas lights are a nuisance, your neighbors might get irritated and complain about it. It suggests that it can impact their health like interrupting their sleep or compromising their privacy. If they complain against you, the council will investigate the brightness of your Christmas lights.

Well, if you don’t want your neighbor to complain against your lights, you must find alternative solutions for it. You can direct the lights in a downward manner, so it will not shine on your neighbors’ windows that can disturb their privacy. You can also turn it off if you are not using them. As much as possible, you must place your Christmas lights far away from the sensitive areas of your neighbors ‘home like bathrooms and bedrooms.

  • Too loud music which is played after hours

Most of exterior Christmas lights come with music or sound effects. Well, the loud music of your exterior lights can lead to disputes with your neighbor due to the disturbance that your lights may bring to them. If your neighbor observes that your Christmas lights too noisy, they can report to your local police or council. It is considered a noise pollution if it is already audible inside the house of your neighbors. With this, you must play the music on a limited time only. Make sure that it is turned off when your neighbors are already sleeping.

  • People watching your Christmas lights are blocking the driveways and streets

The decorative and beautiful Christmas lights can amaze the people who are passing by your house. Well, if the people are crowding on the streets to view your amazing Christmas lights display, it can cause a problem on the driveway. It can result in road accidents which are quite alarming.

Take safety precautions

On the other hand, as a property owner, you also have the right to decorate your home on the way you want. If you’re going to display a beautiful and creative Christmas lights, you must take safety precautions to avoid danger for your home as well as to your neighbors. The security of your family, home and your neighbors must be your top priority when setting up Christmas lights or decoration in your area.

If you like to enjoy the spirit of Christmas through decorations, then you are free to enjoy your property. However, you must also consider if it dramatically affects your neighborhood. If you want to have a peaceful neighborhood, you must be responsible for your exterior Christmas lights.

As a property owner, you are free to decorate your home, so you must enjoy it. If you want to maintain your good relationships with your neighbors, you must prevent noisy and too bright Christmas lights. With this, they will know that you want to show respect for them while you still want to celebrate the holiday season.


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