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Bermuda Wars Resume

Ah yes, ’tis the season of Bermuda…not that lovely Atlantic archipelago but the cursed and unwelcome grass that invades the homes of my vegetables.  All gardeners love to see things grow in the summer with the exception of certain weeds.  … Continue reading

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Beware of Weeds Bearing Gifts

It was such a lovely little ground-hugging plant. I first noticed it growing in the paths between the beds. And, along with its loveliness, it was driving out the Bermuda grass. So, not only did I allow it to grow, … Continue reading

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The Asparagus Lesson

Growing Asparagus in West Texas (or anywhere else, really) is not easy (especially initially) for several reasons. Continue reading

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An Admirable Enemy

Weeds are a part of gardening that cannot be avoided (unless you garden hydroponically).  In the Charamon Garden we deal with several tenacious weeds.  Some have extremely deep roots and are very drought resistant…and…if you don’t pull out the majority … Continue reading

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Update for September

I realize that I haven’t posted for a while but other voices have been calling to me. Right or wrong, the absolutely urgent always trumps the pleasure of writing. But, you might like to know what has been happening in … Continue reading

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Swiss Chard aka Silverbeet

We are in the midst of a weeding/planting semi-frenzy at Charamon. Since I can only devote time to the garden in the mornings, I get up before dawn and start work as soon as I can see things (and have … Continue reading

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Garlic Harvest

Well, fellow-gardeners, this is what it’s all about! This is why we work to build the soil. This is why we pull the weeds: harvest! For some unknown reason, my article, “The Garlic Lesson,” posted back in October has been … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Fallow

Here in West Texas, we have some weeds that can be real enemies of the (es)state. In the Charamon Garden they are, in order of nuisance, Bermuda grass (great for lawns, terrible for gardens), Nut sedge, Bindweed, and a recent … Continue reading

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The Day After

The predicted freeze didn’t materialize. All the tomatoes are safe and sound. I have another eight in pots that we had considered selling but now will probably plant somewhere and try to sell the excess fruit. These are heirloom tomatoes … Continue reading

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Slowly but Surely

I finally got all our potatoes in the ground yesterday. With so much going on in my work, I have had to steal time to do it. We have four varieties planted not only for the fun of it, but … Continue reading

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