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When Are We Going to Wake Up?

We are on the verge of killing the bees upon which we depend for the majority of our fruits, nuts and vegetables.  Read some of the latest bad news here:  Organic farmers and gardeners have known for many years that … Continue reading

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Controlling Bermuda Grass

Like most gardeners in my region, bermuda grass is a plague.  As I have stated in previous blogs, it is a war that cannot be won.  The best one can hope for is some control.              Control is never easy … Continue reading

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Beginning a Garden

The first step is to clear the soil of weeds. If it is covered with Bermuda grass, you have some work to do. Since Bermuda will not grow in the shade, you may kill the grass by covering it with … Continue reading

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The Poop on Chickenpoop

Keeping chickens is something every gardener should do.  In our case, we happen to love fresh eggs with deep orange yolks…yum!  But I have also confirmed the superior nature of their manure (which should always be composted before using in … Continue reading

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The Grassroots Imperative

Big “agribusiness” is not about to voluntarily change its ways. They are greedy profit-driven monsters with enough lobbyists in Washington and courtroom lawyers to keep the government and the courts off their backs. Their specialty is pushing around small farmers … Continue reading

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A Place to Garden

You live in a cozy house surrounded by lawn and a few trees. That’s nice. You are the typical homeowner. You water and fertilize the lawn so you can have the “privilege” of mowing it every week during the summer. … Continue reading

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Raw Milk Criminal

Scene: The State Penitentiary.  A newly-convicted criminal is being incarcerated with a drug dealer as a cell mate. The cell door clanks shut. The new inmate looks at his fellow-prisoner wondering what kind of a person he is. “Welcome to … Continue reading

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Here’s the Dirt on Soil

Scene: Produce section of our local grocery store in their tiny “organic” section.  A middle-aged man and woman are having a conversation my wife overhears. He: “What the h**l does ‘organic’ mean?” She: “It means it grows in the soil.” … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Garlic?

Being Unprepared Stinks! Are you ready to plant garlic? Maybe not. After all, it’s still summer, it’s hot and autumn seems a long way away. But garlic planting time will be here before you can say, “Now where am I … Continue reading

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Thanks Neighbors!

Here in West Texas (and similar climates) mulching is of paramount importance.  It feeds the soil and holds in moisture (especially vital in times of drought).  It is better for building your soil than compost since it slowly decomposes in … Continue reading

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