Types of pots for different plants

Types of pots for different plants

Not all sorts of plants can fit into similar types of pots. Some plants grow quickly, others not so much. Similarly, some plants can grow into huge sizes, while other plants stop growing at a certain size and remain at that point.

There are different plant pots for every gardening need

With different plants having different needs, the obvious answer was to make different pots for each type. It’s not only about the needs of the plants, but also the demands of the gardener looking to grow the plants. If the gardener wants some flowers hanging from the ceiling, for instance, this demand can be met by manufacturing pots with chains attached to them so that they can easily hang from a hook attached to the ceiling. This is one of the many examples of the different types of pots. Let’s have a look at all the different types of pots that exist for the various plants out there.

Nursery Pots

Nursery pots are relatively low in price, and exist to keep saplings and young trees in temporary storage. These can often be seen in greenhouses selling plants. The nursery pots come along with the young plants that you purchase, and can be kept in them for quite a while before the plants begin to outgrow the pots.

Trays and flats

This is quite popular for plants which are small in size but are usually numerous in order to be useful. These kinds of plants can include small flowers and salad leaves. You can even keep these in order to grow multiple small trees at once so you can keep track of their individual growth and make sure they all receive the same amount of care. This sort of pot relieves you of the pain of having to take care of multiple pots. You can simply carry one of these around, making your life all the more easier.

Plastic plant pots

These plastic plant pots are quite durable, and intended to be kept indoors, preferably for flowers or plants which have no difficulty growing indoors. These pots are designed to last long so that you don’t have to replace them repeatedly. You can keep your plants in these pots comfortably without the fear that they’ll wear out after a while or that the constant watering and moisture will weaken them to the point of breakage.

Biodegradable pots

This type of pot is quite genius. When you grow a sapling in a pot in order for it to grow up, or even get a plant from the nursery in order to plant it in your garden, it can be quite a hassle when you take the plant out of its original pot and then proceed to planting it. You can avoid all this trouble by getting a biodegradable pot. All you have to do is care for the plant till you think it’s large enough to survive on its own in the garden. You can easily plant the pot containing the plant, and it will slowly mix in with the soil

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