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In Defense of Food by Michael Pollanindefensefood_cover_thumb – get it, read it (or listen to it), apply it. I have not read a single book by this journalist…I’ve listened to them. I started out with The Botany of Desire, continued with The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and am now in the middle of In Defense of Food. I heartily recommend each of them.

Michael is not a farmer or scientist or nutritionist. He’s a journalist. True to his profession, he is a great investigator and researcher. As I’ve listened to each book I have noticed a growing passion for good, healthy, nutritious, enjoyable food. Pollan celebrates food. He is also a bit of an agitator. He is an influential voice among the growing number of activists calling for a major overhaul of the way we grow and consume food.

In his latest book, he takes on “nutritionism.” Most of what Americans (and, I’ve noticed, Australians) are being encouraged to buy and eat is not food…it is, as Pollan states, “…edible foodlike substances.” These are the concoctions of the food processors. They process real food into junk food and sell it by advertising the “nutrients” they add back in. Growing ill health is the result.

His writing style makes this, for organic gardeners like myself, a real page-turner. His research is painstaking. His intrepid investigation brings unquestionable credibility to his work.. If you are part of the growing organic movement, you don’t want to miss this book.

In the meantime, eat your veggies…Nonnie and Pop said so!

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